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Independently owned by Ben Bellouin and Jess Tsang, and supported by an experienced and service-oriented staff, Russian Hill Bookstore continues to be a popular neighborhood business and destination store. Located on upper Polk Street, at the west side of the beautiful Russian Hill neighborhood, we are part of a larger shopping lane featuring numerous restaurants, stores and services.

Hours and Location

Russian Hill Bookstore is located at 2162 Polk Street, at the foot of Russian Hill, between Vallejo and Broadway Streets. Many are surprised to learn that we are open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM daily! Think of Russian Hill Bookstore as part of your evening out – a place to browse before or after dinner. You can find maps to our location on Yahoo and Google


Upcoming Events:

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The Bookstore

Russian Hill Bookstore is popular with local artists, designers, architects, writers and art collectors. Neighbors depend on us to buy their books, have the perfect toy or game for a party, and the best selection of cards in the City. Tourists are always happy to discover the store as they walk the streets of San Francisco and are particularly excited to find a “real” used bookstore.

About Our Location

The name of the Russian Hill neighborhood dates back to the Gold Rush era. Beginning in 1806, Russian naval and merchant ships frequently visited San Francisco. Early settlers discovered a small cemetery at the top of the hill for Russian sailors. The cemetery was later removed, but the name remains in memory of those early sailors to this day.

San Francisciana

We are located on many walking routes for those exploring San Francisco history. When you go down crooked Lombard Street, or visit Holy Trinity Cathedral, or take a ride on the Hyde Street cable car, be sure to stop by Russian Hill Bookstore for San Francisco related books, cards and mementos to take home.

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