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If you have books you want to sell, we are always looking to buy, whether a single copy or a large library. A steady supply of new used books is the life-blood of our book sections. And we have been buying books for over 30 years!

How do I go about selling my books?

You can bring your books to the store when there is a buyer on duty or you can request a buyer comes to you. For more information on buying hours, please call the shop in advance.

I would like to bring them into the store. How does that work?

People bring in from one book to 5-10 boxes at a time. We are willing to look at any books you have to sell but if you call or stop in the store beforehand we can usually help narrow down the books you bring in. When buying, we look at each book and separate out those can use, adding in our head as we go. Please note that we will not hold books overnight, so please call the shop in advance for buying hours.

How do I get paid for bringing books in?

Once we have gone through your books, we will explain what we can use and offer either cash or trade credit that can be spent on used books. If you decide to sell your books, you will be asked to furnish photo ID, required for Second-Hand Dealers, and to sign our Buy Book. You will then be paid in cash or check. You then take the books we were not able to buy but we can usually give suggestions of other places to take them.

I would like to have you come to me to look at my books. How does that work?

In this case you will need to discuss your books with us and set an appointment.

The only requirement we have is that the books you wish to keep have been pulled out or clearly marked as not for sale. We look at books neatly organized on shelves, piled on a table, in boxes in the garage, or piled two deep throughout the house or storage area.

How do I get paid if you come to my house?

At the appointment, we get an over-all look at your books and then go to work. In the end, we discuss with you the books we are interested in buying and at what price. If you are agreeable, a check is written, the books are boxed and removed at that time.

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