Author: Russian Hill Bookstore

  • #BookScavenger Hunt continues!

    Most but not all of the books have been found! Some are still waiting to be taken home, will one of them be going home with you? Come on by and see if you can solve some of the final clues to take home your own copy of Book Scavenger!

  • #BookScavenger Day 2 clues

    Clue one: A picture is worth a thousand words. Clue two: Give the gift of stripes. Clue three: It’s a good time for Pasta. Clue four: The game is afoot. Clue five: Checkmate. Clue six: A book you can’t read. Clue seven: Ask and you will find. Clue eight: Rawr! Goes the ________ #bookscavenger

  • #BookScavenger Hunt Clues

    Here are your clues for the #BookScavenger hunt! Good luck and happy hunting to all of you Book Scavengers tomorrow! Starting Clues 1. Across from the Great Detective, behind the Cards. 2. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Gaze beyond time, and maybe you’ll find me. 3. A purple picnic for two with one of these: 4. I’ll Thank You […]

  • Give Candles a Chance

    In my youth I was never fond of candles. I found their heavy scents suffocating and disliked the sooty halo that inevitably formed around the lips of the jars. Visit my house now and you will find candles in every room. What happened? I gave the candle industry an opportunity for redemption and I’ve never […]

  • The Queen of Cards – Constance Kay

    The queen of cards is, without a doubt, Constance Kay. Her Collection of handmade art cards adorn the top rows and end caps of card racks throughout the store. Her cards are certainly beautiful to look at, especially the Holiday selection. And for those special people or special occasions, consider a handmade art card from […]

  • Bibliophile unbound

    Bibliomania is the love of books. It is NOT a disease. Quite unlike the fond appellation put to those fuzzy book-lovers who devour cheap paperbacks and unwanted bin books: The Bookworm. These hunched creatures collect (collect!) beastly remainders and self-published “novels” while breaking the spines and creasing the pages with indelicate paws and indiscriminate habits. […]

  • A second hand bookstore

    A second-hand bookshop is like a small neighborhood recycling plant and orphanage of inanimate objects. Unwanted and neglected books will be taken in, dusted off, and given a gentle resting place until a new owner comes in, and a new home is found. Upon being shelved in their proper sections, old friends will become reacquainted. […]