#BookScavenger Hunt Clues

Here are your clues for the #BookScavenger hunt! Good luck and happy hunting to all of you Book Scavengers tomorrow!

Starting Clues

1. Across from the Great Detective, behind the Cards.
2. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Gaze beyond time, and maybe you’ll find me.
3. A purple picnic for two with one of these:
teapot for #BookScavenger
4. I’ll Thank You to turn me around and around.
5. ___Titanic_____
Wrong Side Out
6. Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh my!
7. Behind a game for Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam and Jane and Charles.
8. Hidden in plain sight. The last place that you would look for me.

Update #1 So far books 4 and 8 have been found. Two more clues to come shortly. Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the new clues.